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Change History for CookBook/SiteHtml/Genshi

Version Date Author Comment
12 7 years Ryan J Ollos Formatting change.
11 7 years figaro Cosmetic changes
10 8 years Ryan J Ollos Add syntax coloring to snippets.
9 8 years rcooke@… I can't believe nobody has documented this yet!
8 9 years Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…> Link to related documentation.
7 9 years olya <olya@…> Basic snippet on how to rename roadmaps.
6 12 years Christian Boos and link to sibling SiteStyleCss
5 12 years Christian Boos link to corresponding guide page
4 12 years osimons Typo.
3 12 years Remy Blank Fixed a typo.
2 12 years Remy Blank Added an item for adding text to the "Add attachment" page.
1 12 years osimons A new cookbook page to store snippets for site.html.