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Change History for CookBook/Configuration/SignedTickets

Version Date Author Comment
12 5 years Ryan J Ollos Simplify by having permission policy define the permission.
11 5 years Ryan J Ollos Handle case of permission check on non-existent ticket. The timeline …
10 5 years Ryan J Ollos Modify in response to gmessage:trac-users:MNvfBPbiAS0/AgrNxg40BgAJ.
9 5 years Ryan J Ollos Skip permission checks on admin_actions.
8 5 years anonymous Merge duplicated sections
7 5 years Jun Omae enclose lable with quote characters if the lable in [link label]
6 5 years Ryan J Ollos Add missing steps and generalize the example.
5 5 years Ryan J Ollos Fix indentation.
4 7 years Ryan J Ollos Added a bit more info about configuring the permissions policy.
3 7 years Jared Bownds <jared.bownds@…> Correct an additional typo
2 7 years Jared Bownds <jared.bownds@…> Corrected a few typos
1 7 years Peter Suter