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Document management system

Note: This page is under development.

Trac is perfect as document management system that concentrates on tasks. It is perfect for high volume fax incoming and processing. 661,124 documents/tickets have been processed. The key features that we needed:

  • Being able to assign tickets and transfer them between people
  • Being able to view attachments easily, write comments, and index.
  • Being able to create your own "type" aka "milestone : incoming, other, changes, cancellations, renewals
  • Being able to load and create tickets automatically via xml-rpc.
  • Being able to add your own custom fields "tracking number"
  • Being able to set up a search on main page by using the query to build multiple links tracking #, "my tickets", "incoming tickets", new, not assigned change tickets.
  • Begin able to batch assign tickets to an individual. BatchModify? 0.4.0
  • Being able to move tickets to another Trac to a different department TicketMoverPlugin? 0.1.1

We average ~600 incoming tickets a day. If you think of your problems as "tasks" then Trac is suited for use as a Document Management System.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.