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Jun 20, 2011, 1:33:51 PM (11 years ago)
Christian Boos

being able to review wiki pages would be great as well


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    2121=== Screenshots ===
    2222Optional bonus feature?
     24=== Wiki pages ===
     25Producing high-quality pages also imply some kind of review system. One can always add review comments "inline", but this can quickly clutter the page and makes reading more difficult, so a lot of Wiki systems have the notion of an associated "Talk" page. While a talk page has the benefit of leaving the content focused on its main matter, it also have the disadvantage of being too "disconnected" and the discussion there can quickly become out of sync with the content page.
     27It would really be nice to be able to see the pristine page content, but also access an alternate view with superposed review annotations. Likewise for editing, one should be able to edit individually:
     28 - the content alone
     29 - the review layer alone, for example when creating a review
     30 - the content and review layers at once, for applying the changes requested by a review and simultaneously update the review comments
     32I'm not sure at this point how well this idea fits with the rest of the code review topic - so for now just take that as a //[[../Annotations|related]]// topic ;-)
    2435== Configurable Workflow ==