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  • UK Linux & Open Source Awards 2006 — winner of the Best Linux/OSS Developer Tool category. Pictures of the trophy can be found here.

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Trac is a good, lightweight solution that should be seriously considered by any development team using Subversion.

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You can find SQLite as an alternate back-end storage facility for a wide array of open source projects such as Yum—the package manager for Fedora Core, Movable Type, DSPAM, Edgewall Software’s excellent Trac SCM and project management system, and KDE’s Amarok audio player, to name just a few.

Mike Owens is the original author of PySqlite, the Python bindings for SQLite.

Trac is a bit more than a bug tracker: it's really an integrated wiki and bug tracking system. It uses wiki linking to connect issues, files, version control changesets, and plain wiki pages. It's fairly simple to set up, and integrates with Subversion

Karl Fogel is one of the main Subversion developers.

See also: User Testimonials

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.