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Feb 18, 2015, 8:26:40 AM (5 years ago)
Ryan J Ollos

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  • 1.1/TracChangeLog

    v1 v1  
     2= Change Log
     3This is a rough list of changes between released versions.
     5To see where Trac is going in future releases, see the [trac:roadmap Roadmap].
     8== 1.1.x Releases
     9// 1.1.x releases are development releases leading eventually to Trac 1.2. See them as kind of snapshots of [trac:source:trunk].
     11** No guarantees of feature and API compatibility is made from one 1.1.x release to the next. //
     13=== 1.1.3
     15//(January 13, 2015)//
     17The following list contains highlights of the changes:
     19 - The ticket creation step can be configured in the TracWorkflow and the
     20   workflow controls are present on the !NewTicket page ([trac:#2045]).
     21 - New notification system that can be extended by plugins ([trac:#3517]).
     22 - New preferences panel for notification subscriptions ([trac:#4056]).
     23 - Wiki page version comments can be edited by users with `WIKI_ADMIN` ([trac:#6573]).
     24 - Improved positioning of //Add Comment// section and //author// field
     25   on the ticket form ([trac:#10207]).
     26 - The delete confirmation pages warn if attachments will also be deleted
     27   ([trac:#11542]).
     28 - Removed support for [trac:SilverCity], Enscript and !PhpRenderer syntax
     29   highlighters ([trac:#11795]).
     30 - Combined //Date & Time// and //Language// preference panels as
     31   //Localization// ([trac:#11813]).
     32 - Groups and permissions can be used in the workflow `set_owner` attribute
     33   ([trac:#11839]).
     35See also the [trac:TracDev/ApiChanges/1.1.3] and the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.1#DevelopmentReleases | 1.1.3]] and [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0#MaintenanceReleases | 1.0.3]] (as 1.1.3 contains all the fixes done
     36for 1.0.3).
     38[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.1.3 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:1.1.3 View Milestone]
     40=== 1.1.2
     42//(October 23, 2014)//
     44The following list contains highlights of the changes:
     46 - Dropped support for Python 2.5. Trac can no longer be run on Python 2.5 as incompatible changes have been made in the source code ([trac:#11600]).
     47 - The new ticket workflow action `may_set_owner` is similar to `set_owner` but the owner defaults to the existing ticket owner rather than the current user ([trac:#10018]).
     48 - The new option `[ticket]` `optional_fields` specifies ticket select fields that are treated as optional (i.e. an empty value is allowed) ([trac:#10772]).
     49 - Line number and row highlighting annotations can be specified for !WikiProcessor code blocks ([trac:#10834]).
     50 - The //default handler// can be set as a session preference ([trac:#11597]), and the default value for all users can be set from the //Basic Settings// admin page ([trac:#11519]).
     51 - Attachments can't be added to read-only wiki pages ([trac:#11244]).
     52 - Tables on the admin pages have a //Select all// checkbox in the header ([trac:#10994]).
     53 - Submit buttons are disabled if the required items are not selected ([trac:#11056]).
     54 - The Admin //Permissions// page has a //Copy Permissions// form for copying permissions between users and groups ([trac:#11099]).
     55 - The new option `[milestone]` `default_retarget_to` determines the default milestone for retargeting tickets when a milestone is deleted or closed, and can be specified from the //Milestone// admin page ([trac:#10010]).
     56 - The //retarget// select is not shown when closing or deleting a milestone which has no tickets associated with it ([trac:#11366]).
     57 - //Clear default// buttons allow the ticket system default values (e.g. `default_milestone`, `default_version`) to be cleared through the corresponding admin pages ([trac:#10772], [trac:#11300]).
     58 - The `TitleIndex` macro supports relative path prefixes when used on wiki pages ([trac:#11455]).
     59 - [trac:CommitTicketUpdater] will recognize a ticket reference that includes a trailing `#comment:N` or `#comment:description` ([trac:#11622]).
     60 - The //Tickets// column of the milestone table on the //Milestone// admin page contains links to the query page showing all tickets associated with the milestone, grouped by status ([trac:#11661]).
     61 - Authz policy can be used to restrict access to the //Report List// page using the resource id `-1` ([trac:#11697]).
     63See also the [trac:TracDev/ApiChanges/1.1.2] and the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.1#DevelopmentReleases | 1.1.2]], [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0#MaintenanceReleases | 1.0.2]] and [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/0.12#MaintenanceReleases | 0.12.6]] (as 1.1.2 contains all the fixes done for 1.0.2 and 0.12.6).
     65[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.1.2 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:1.1.2 View Milestone]
     67=== 1.1.1
     69//(February 3, 2013)//
     71Trac 1.1.1 starts the 1.1.x development line leading to 1.2 with some new features and a few not-so-disruptive changes.
     73The following list contains only a few highlights:
     75 - Added support for custom ticket fields of type time ([trac:#1942])
     76 - In new tickets, custom time ticket fields may default to an absolute or relative date / time ([trac:#10853])
     77 - In TracBatchModify, custom time ticket fields can be changed with a date(time)picker popup control ([trac:#10854])
     78 - Optionally display the component of tickets in their timeline entries (`[timeline]` `ticket_show_component` setting) ([trac:#10885])
     79 - Fixed batch modification when no fields are changed ([trac:#10924])
     80 - Dynamic variables can be used in the report title and description ([trac:#10979])
     81 - jQuery upgraded to 1.8.3, jQuery UI upgraded to 1.9.2 and jQuery UI Timepicker upgraded to 1.1.1 ([trac:#10976])
     82 - Dropped support for Python 2.5, either Python 2.6 or Python 2.7 is required //(well, as it happens, 2.5 //still// works, that's a bug ;-) )//
     84See also the [trac:TracDev/ApiChanges/1.1.1] and the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.1#DevelopmentReleases | 1.1.1]], [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0#MaintenanceReleases | 1.0.1]] and [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/0.12#MaintenanceReleases | 0.12.5]] (as 1.1.1 contains all the fixes done for 1.0.1 and 0.12.5).
     86[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.1.1 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:1.1.1 View Milestone]
     88== 1.0.x Releases ==
     90== 1.0.4
     92//(February 8, 2015)//
     94Trac 1.0.4 contains a few fixes, including a fix for a regression in 1.0.3.
     96 - Workflow action labels were not displayed unless name attribute
     97   was explicitly defined ([trac:#11930]).
     99See the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0#MaintenanceReleases | 1.0.4]].
     101[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.0.4 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:1.0.4 View Milestone]
     103=== 1.0.3
     105//(January 13, 2015)//
     107Trac 1.0.3 is a maintenance release containing numerous fixes and minor
     108enhancements. The following are a few of the highlights:
     110The following list contains only a few highlights:
     112 - Notification is sent when adding an attachment to a ticket ([trac:#2259]).
     113 - Stylesheets and scripts are loaded during autopreview, resulting in proper
     114   syntax highlighting when code WikiProcessors are added ([trac:#10470]) and display
     115   of Workflow graphs without explicit autopreview ([trac:#10674]).
     116 - Merge changesets are shown as differences against first parent, resulting
     117   in less noisy changesets ([trac:#10740]).
     118 - Pygments 2.0 is supported ([trac:#11796]).
     119 - Fixed error when completing the `initenv` TracAdmin command ([trac:#11797]).
     120 - Performance improvement on systems with many thousands of authenticated
     121   users due to caching of Environment.get_known_users ([trac:#11868]).
     122 - Distribution metadata of wheel package is supported and displayed on the
     123   About page ([trac:#11877]).
     124 - … and more than 3 dozen total fixes!
     126See the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0#MaintenanceReleases | 1.0.3]].
     128[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.0.3 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:1.0.3 View Milestone]
     131=== 1.0.2
     133//(October 23, 2014)//
     135Trac 1.0.2 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, as well as a major update for many translations.
     137The following list contains only a few highlights:
     139 - Subversion keywords are expanded and EOL substitutions made when viewing a file in the repository browser and when downloading a file ([trac:#717]).
     140 - Notification email is sent to the old owner when a ticket is reassigned ([trac:#2311]).
     141 - Ticket change history is updated when renaming and deleting a milestone, and when retargeting tickets to another milestone ([trac:#4582], [trac:#5658]).
     142 - Numerous fixes for the Authz permissions policy in the browser/repository ([trac:#10961], [trac:#11646]), wiki ([trac:#8976], [trac:#11067]), admin ([trac:#11069]) and report ([trac:#11176]) realms.
     143 - Multiple forms submits are disallowed ([trac:#10138]).
     144 - `ConfigurationError` is raised if any of the `permission_policies` can't be loaded, preventing possible information leakage due to internal and installation errors ([trac:#10285]).
     145 - Wiki toolbars can be disabled through a configuration setting ([trac:#10837])
     146 - The number of entries in a table is shown next to heading on applicable admin pages ([trac:#11027]).
     147 - //Cancel// buttons are consistently located on all pages ([trac:#11076]).
     148 - Focus is placed on a text element when an edit page is loaded ([trac:#11084]).
     149 - The //Edit conflict// and //Merge// warning messages are always visible in side-by-side edit mode ([trac:#11102]).
     150 - Improvements to the layout of the Report ([trac:#11106], [trac:#11664]) and Ticket pages ([trac:#11471]).
     151 - Genshi 0.7 compatibility ([trac:#11218]).
     152 - Numerous minor fixes for Git repository support.
     153 - … and more than a hundred more fixes!
     155See the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0#MaintenanceReleases | 1.0.2]] and [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/0.12#MaintenanceReleases | 0.12.6]] (as 1.0.2 contains all the fixes done for 0.12.6).
     157[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.0.2 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:1.0.2 View Milestone]
     160=== 1.0.1
     162//(February 1, 2013)//
     164Trac 1.0.1 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, as well as a major update for many translations.
     166The following list contains only a few highlights:
     168 - Fix zip source download for large directories in Subversion repositories ([trac:#10840])
     169 - Performance improvement for the Roadmap, by caching milestone properties ([trac:#10879])
     170 - Added a ''select all'' checkbox to table of components for each plugin on the Plugins admin panel ([trac:#9609])
     171 - Restore the ''Modify'' link at the top of the ticket page, as it was in Trac 0.12 ([trac:#10856])
     172 - `ListOption` keeps values other than empty string and None in raw list as default ([trac:#10541])
     173 - Prevent possibility of multiple identical info or warning messages being presented to the user ([trac:#10987])
     174 - The !BatchModify select-all checkboxes are toggled with tri-state behavior when the ticket checkboxes are toggled ([trac:#10992])
     175 - Update the ticket changetime to the current time when deleting a ticket comment ([trac:#10486])
     177See the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0#MaintenanceReleases | 1.0.1]] and [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/0.12#MaintenanceReleases | 0.12.5]] (as 1.0.1 contains all the fixes done for 0.12.5).
     179[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.0.1 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:1.0.1 View Milestone]
     182=== '''1.0 'Cell' '''
     184//(September 7, 2012)//
     186Trac 1.0 is a major release adding refreshed user interface and improved DVCS repository support as the most visible changes.
     188The following list contains only a few highlights:
     189 - The default theme looks more modern, especially on recent browsers (no effort has been made to make it look better on older browsers like IE6 or 7)
     190 - The [TH:GitPlugin] has been donated by Herbert Valerio Riedel to the Trac project (many thanks!) and is now maintained here as an optional component
     191 - As a consequence, the Subversion support has been moved below `tracopt.versioncontrol` as well
     192 - The Git and Mercurial log view feature a visualization of the branching structure
     193 - Usability improvements for the tickets, with a better support for conflict detection and resolution
     194 - Integration of the [TH:BatchModifyPlugin], contributed by Brian Meeker (many thanks!) and is now maintained there as a default component
     195 - jQuery/UI integration, featuring a date picker for date fields
     196 - Improved integration with Pygments syntax highlighting
     197 - ... and numerous smaller features added and bugs fixed since 0.12!
     199See the full list in [trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/1.0].
     201[[trac:source:/tags/trac-1.0 View Tag]] | [[trac:milestone:1.0 View Milestone]]
     203== 0.12.x Releases
     205=== 0.12.6
     207//(October 23, 2014)//
     209Trac 0.12.6 contains fixes for a few issues:
     210 - Subversion blame would fail for a path with URL-encoded characters ([trac:#10386]), a lower-case drive letter on Windows ([trac:#10514]), or a non-ascii filename with Subversion 1.7 ([trac:#11167]).
     211 - Improved performance rendering `svn:mergeinfo` properties in browser view ([trac:#8459]) and changeset view ([trac:#11219]).
     212 - Query with many custom fields would fail ([trac:#11140]).
     213 - Zip archive had a timestamp with no timezone information ([trac:#11162]).
     214 - Failure or incorrect ranges rendering log TracLinks ([trac:#11308], [trac:#11346]).
     215 - Textareas in ticket view did not wrap correctly in IE 11 ([trac:#11376]).
     216 - Emails were not being obfuscated in owner field on CSV export from ticket and query pages ([trac:#11594]).
     217 - Locale data was not being included in egg in Distribute 0.6.29 and later ([trac:#11640]).
     218 - Deleting a milestone would not delete its attachments ([trac:#11672]).
     219 - Added support for Babel 1.0 and later ([trac:#11258], [trac:#11345]).
     220 - Added support for `ConfigObj` 5.0 and later ([trac:#11498]).
     221 - … and dozens more fixes!
     223See the detailed release notes for [[trac:TracDev/ReleaseNotes/0.12#MaintenanceReleases | 0.12.6]].
     225[trac:source:/tags/trac-0.12.6 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:0.12.6 View Milestone]
     227=== 0.12.5
     229//(January 15, 2013)//
     231Trac 0.12.5 contains fixes for a few issues:
     232 - upload of .mht files ([Wikipedia:MHTML] web page archive files) now works ([trac:#9880])
     233 - more robust parsing of attachment URLs ([trac:#10280]) and uploaded file names ([trac:#10850])
     234 - lots of improvement to the date formatting code, which is now much more robust when timezone and daylight saving time computations are involved ([trac:#10768], [trac:#10863], [trac:#10864], [trac:#10912], [trac:#10920])
     235 - no longer generate invalid JSON encoded data with Python 2.4 and 2.5 ([trac:#10877])
     236 - ... and fix a couple more minor defects ([trac:#10967], [trac:#10892], [trac:#10923], [trac:#10858], [trac:#10835])
     238[trac:source:/tags/trac-0.12.5 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:0.12.5 View Milestone]
     240=== 0.12.4
     242//(September 7, 2012)//
     244Trac 0.12.4 contains only a handful of minor fixes.
     246[trac:source:/tags/trac-0.12.4 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:0.12.4 View Milestone]
     248=== 0.12.3 ===
     250//(February 6, 2012)//
     252Trac 0.12.3 contains a few minor fixes and a few minor features.
     253 - compatibility with Subversion 1.7 ([trac:#10414])
     254 - easier troubleshooting of common startup errors ([trac:#10024])
     255 - jQuery upgraded to 1.4.4 ([trac:#10001])
     256 - improve fine-grained permission handling in the source browser ([trac:#9976], [trac:#10208], [trac:#10110])
     257 - added compatibility with MySQL 5.5.3 utf8mb4 databases ([trac:#9766])
     258 - ... and dozens more fixes!
     260[trac:source:/tags/trac-0.12.3 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:0.12.3 View Milestone]
     262=== 0.12.2
     264//(January 31, 2011)//
     266Trac 0.12.2 contains a few minor fixes and a few minor features.
     268This list contains only a few highlights:
     269 - install: improved robustness of Trac installation if Babel is
     270   installed after the fact ([trac:#9439], [trac:#9595], [trac:#9961])
     271 - notifications: support for Asian character width ([trac:#4717])
     272 - roadmap: fix display of progress bar in some corner cases ([trac:#9718])
     273   and respect the overall_completion milestone group setting ([trac:#9721])
     274 - reports: reports and queries look much better, as the columns now
     275   keep the same width across groups; the absence of word wrapping in
     276   reports has been fixed ([trac:#9825])
     277 - web admin: improved layout ([trac:#8866], [trac:#9963])
     278 - web: it's now possible to log in different Trac instances sharing
     279   the same URL prefix (e.g. /project and /project-test) ([trac:#9951])
     281[trac:source:/tags/trac-0.12.2 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:0.12.2 View Milestone]
     283=== 0.12.1
     285//(October 9, 2010)//
     287Trac 0.12.1 contains a few important performance improvements, some minor fixes and a few minor features.
     289This list contains only a few highlights:
     290 - db: improve concurrency behavior ([trac:#9111])
     291 - fcgi: add an environment variable `TRAC_USE_FLUP` to control the usage of flup vs. bundled _fcgi.py (defaults to 0, i.e. use bundled as before)
     292 - svn authz: improve compatibility with svn 1.5 format ([trac:#8289])
     293 - milestone: allow to set the time for the due date ([trac:#6369], [trac:#9582])
     294 - ticket: fixes for the CC: property ([trac:#8597], [trac:#9522])
     295 - notification: improved the formatting of ticket fields in notification e-mails ([trac:#9484], [trac:#9494])
     296 - i18n: added a configuration option to set the default language ([trac:#8117])
     297 - several fixes for upgrade ([trac:#9400], [trac:#9416], [trac:#9483], [trac:#9556])
     299[trac:source:/tags/trac-0.12.1 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:0.12.1 View Milestone]
     301=== ''' 0.12 'Babel' '''
     303//(June 13, 2010)//
     305Trac 0.12 is a major release introducing i18n and multiple repository support as the most visible changes.
     307The following list contains only a few highlights:
     308 - The user interface is translated in a dozen of languages, provided the [Babel:] package is installed
     309 - Multiple repositories can be associated to a single Trac environment; the repositories can be of heterogeneous types (svn, hg, git, darcs...)
     310 - Usability improvements for the Wiki, with a nice side-by-side edit mode with automatic preview
     311 - Richer Wiki syntax, with much improved support for tables, partial [trac:WikiCreole] compatibility and numerous smaller improvements
     312 - Usability improvements for the Ticket module, with automatic preview of comments while you type and possibility to edit or remove them later
     313 - Improved Custom Queries (time fields, multiple disjoint conditions, a.k.a. OR queries)
     314 - Timeline filtering by user
     315 - ... and numerous smaller features added and bugs fixed since 0.11!
     317[trac:source:/tags/trac-0.12 View Tag] | [trac:milestone:0.12 View Milestone]