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Change History for 0.12/TracRepositoryAdmin

Version Date Author Comment
19 2 years Ryan J Ollos Point to other page.
18 2 years vglebov@… Added note about TICKET_APPEND permissions to #trac-post-commit-hook
17 4 years Ryan J Ollos Removed notice now that plugin has been installed.
16 7 years Christian Boos add 0.12 notice
15 7 years trac
14 9 years Christian Boos sync with [9452] and freezing
13 9 years mark.m.mcmahon@… Try and make the reasoning for the requiring hooks in 0.12 clearer …
12 9 years mark.m.mcmahon@… Small re-wording
11 9 years Christian Boos added #Troubleshooting section
10 9 years Christian Boos add a note about the trac-svn-hook script
9 9 years Remy Blank Removed the "editing notes".
8 9 years Remy Blank Added "readable" heading anchors.
7 9 years Remy Blank Added a migration section.
6 9 years Remy Blank Added a quickstart section and a section about repository synchronization.
5 9 years Remy Blank Added a comment about repository names in trac.ini.
4 9 years Remy Blank Added a section about specifying repositories in the database.
3 9 years Remy Blank Added a section about repositories in trac.ini.
2 9 years Remy Blank Created the first section about specifying repositories.
1 9 years Christian Boos start the page with some goals, lifted from MultipleRepositorySupport#Merge