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This page documents the 0.12 release. Documentation for other releases can be found here.

The Trac User and Administration Guide

The TracGuide is meant to serve as a starting point for all documentation regarding Trac usage and development. The guide is a free document, a collaborative effort, and a part of the Trac Project itself.

Table of Contents

  • mrelbe: Most people are users of Trac and not administrators. User Guide should therefore precede Admin Guide. Even the headline above states "…User and Admin Guide" and not "…Admin and User Guide" :)
  • mrelbe: Having a reference to itself is confusing for non-programming-users. TracGuide is therefore removed in the listing below.
  • mrelbe: The current content of TracFaq is of more help to an administrator than to an ordinary user. Therefore, this link remains at the end of the list.

Currently available documentation:

Support and Other Sources of Information

If you are looking for a good place to ask a question about Trac, look no further than the MailingList. It provides a friendly environment to discuss openly among Trac users and developers.

See also the TracSupport page for more information resources.

Finally, developer documentation can be found in TracDev and its sub-pages.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.