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Apr 10, 2010, 6:08:29 PM (13 years ago)
Christian Boos

archiving wiki:/TracIni@169, except keeping the html dump of a typical 0.11 [[TracIni]] that was already there


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    11= The Trac Configuration File =
     3 ''[Note To Editors] Please discuss documentation changes in the [#Discussion] section. Even better, send us documentation patches against the ''code'' (i.e. where the configuration entries are documented), either on Trac-dev or on new tickets. ''
    4 Trac configuration is done by editing the '''`trac.ini`''' config file, located in `<projectenv>/conf/trac.ini`.  Changes to the configuration are usually reflected immediately, though changes to the `[components]` or `[logging]` sections will require restarting the web server.
     7Trac configuration is done by editing the '''`trac.ini`''' config file, located in `<projectenv>/conf/trac.ini`.  Changes to the configuration are usually reflected immediately, though changes to the `[components]` or `[logging]` sections will require restarting the web server. You may also need to restart the web server after creating a global configuration file when none was previously present.
     9The `trac.ini` configuration file should be writable by the web server, as Trac currently relies on the possibility to trigger a complete environment reload to flush its caches.
    611== Global Configuration ==
     13In versions prior to 0.11, the global configuration was by default located in `$prefix/share/trac/conf/trac.ini` or /etc/trac/trac.ini, depending on the distribution. If you're upgrading, you may want to specify that file to inherit from.  Literally, when you're upgrading to 0.11, you have to add an `[inherit]` section to your project's `trac.ini` file. Additionally, you have to move your customized templates and common images from `$prefix/share/trac/...` to the new location.
    815Global options will be merged with the environment-specific options, where local options override global options. The options file is specified as follows:
    14 ''Note : to use a global option file when creating a new project, add option `--inherit=/path/to/global/options` to `trac-admin initenv` command.
     21Note that you can also specify a global option file when creating a new project,  by adding the option `--inherit=/path/to/global/options` to [TracAdmin trac-admin]'s `initenv` command.  If do not do this but nevertheless intend to use a global option file with your new environment, you will have to go through the newly generated conf/trac.ini file and delete the entries that will otherwise override those set in the global file.
    1624== Reference ==
    1826This is a brief reference of available configuration options.
     28 ''Note that the [bitten], [spam-filter] and [vote] sections below are added by plugins enabled on this Trac, and therefore won't be part of a default installation.''
     32Suggest your documentation fixes in the Discussion section at
     33the bottom of the page, or better send us patches for the docstrings!
    265 == [components] ==
     284=== [components] === #components-section
    266285This section is used to enable or disable components provided by plugins, as well as by Trac itself. The component to enable/disable is specified via the name of the option. Whether its enabled is determined by the option value; setting the value to `enabled` or `on` will enable the component, any other value (typically `disabled` or `off`) will disable the component.
    281300See also: TracPlugins
    283 == [ticket-custom] ==
     302=== [ticket-custom] === #ticket-custom-section
    285304In this section, you can define additional fields for tickets. See TracTicketsCustomFields for more details.
    287 == [mainnav] [metanav] ==
    288 The new [mainnav] and [metanav] can now be used to customize the text and link used for the navigation items, or even to disable them.
    290 In the following example, we rename the link to the Wiki start "Home", and hide the "Help/Guide". We also make the "View Tickets" entry link to a specific report .
    291 {{{
    292 [mainnav]
    293 wiki.label = Home
    294 tickets.href = /report/24
    296 [metanav]
    297 help = disabled
    298 }}}
     306=== [ticket-workflow] === #ticket-workflow-section
     307''(since 0.11)''
     309The workflow for tickets is controlled by plugins.
     310By default, there's only a `ConfigurableTicketWorkflow` component in charge.
     311That component allows the workflow to be configured via this section in the trac.ini file.
     312See TracWorkflow for more details.
     314=== [milestone-groups] === #milestone-groups-section
     315''(since 0.11)''
     317As the workflow for tickets is now configurable, there can be many ticket states,
     318and simply displaying closed tickets vs. all the others is maybe not appropriate
     319in all cases. This section enables one to easily create ''groups'' of states
     320that will be shown in different colors in the milestone progress bar.
     322Example configuration (the default only has closed and active):
     324closed = closed
     325# sequence number in the progress bar
     326closed.order = 0
     327# optional extra param for the query (two additional columns: created and modified and sort on created)
     328closed.query_args = group=resolution,order=time,col=id,col=summary,col=owner,col=type,col=priority,col=component,col=severity,col=time,col=changetime
     329# indicates groups that count for overall completion
     330closed.overall_completion = truepercentage
     332new = new
     333new.order = 1
     334new.css_class = new
     335new.label = new
     337# one catch-all group is allowed
     338active = *
     339active.order = 2
     340# CSS class for this interval
     341active.css_class = open
     342# Displayed label for this group
     343active.label = in progress
     346The definition consists in a comma-separated list of accepted status.
     347Also, '*' means any status and could be used to associate all remaining
     348states to one catch-all group.
     350The CSS class can be one of: new (yellow), open (no color) or
     351closed (green). New styles can easily be added using the following
     352selector:  `table.progress td.<class>`
     354=== [svn:externals] === #svn:externals-section
     355''(since 0.11)''
     357The TracBrowser for Subversion can interpret the `svn:externals` property of folders.
     358By default, it only turns the URLs into links as Trac can't browse remote repositories.
     360However, if you have another Trac instance (or an other repository browser like [http://www.viewvc.org/ ViewVC]) configured to browse the target repository, then you can instruct Trac which other repository browser to use for which external URL.
     362This mapping is done in the `[svn:externals]` section of the TracIni
     3671 = svn://server/repos1                       http://trac/proj1/browser/$path?rev=$rev
     3682 = svn://server/repos2                       http://trac/proj2/browser/$path?rev=$rev
     3693 = http://theirserver.org/svn/eng-soft       http://ourserver/viewvc/svn/$path/?pathrev=25914
     3704 = svn://anotherserver.com/tools_repository  http://ourserver/tracs/tools/browser/$path?rev=$rev
     372With the above, the `svn://anotherserver.com/tools_repository/tags/1.1/tools` external will be mapped to `http://ourserver/tracs/tools/browser/tags/1.1/tools?rev=` (and `rev` will be set to the appropriate revision number if the external additionally specifies a revision, see the [http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.4/svn.advanced.externals.html SVN Book on externals] for more details).
     374Note that the number used as a key in the above section is purely used as a place holder, as the URLs themselves can't be used as a key due to various limitations in the configuration file parser.
     376Finally, the relative URLs introduced in [http://subversion.tigris.org/svn_1.5_releasenotes.html#externals Subversion 1.5] are not yet supported.
     378== Discussion ==
     380 ''Please discuss documentation changes here. Even better, send us documentation patches against the code, either on Trac-dev or on new tickets.''
     382 * There is, apparently, an [svn] `repository_url` option that is not documented here. [[br]]
     383   No, there's no such thing. There ''might'' be a plugin providing support for this, for Trac 0.12. However, Trac 0.12 will support an `url` property for repositories.
     384 * It can be helpful to know the default values for each entry, perhaps specified in a common format such as square brackets [] at the end of the description (or at the beginning of the description). ''for 0.12?''
     385 * Due to TracIni macros, there is no history of trac.ini settings changes between versions, and sometimes it is worthy to know when some some setting was removed.