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     1= The Trac Configuration File =
     4Trac configuration is done by editing the '''`trac.ini`''' config file, located in `<projectenv>/conf/trac.ini`.  Changes to the configuration are usually reflected immediately, though changes to the `[components]` or `[logging]` sections will require restarting the web server.
     6== Global Configuration ==
     8Since version 0.9 a global `trac.ini` file has to be explicitely specified in trac.ini. The global options in there will then be merged with the environment-specific options, where local options override global options.
     10Since version 0.11 you must explicitly note which file to inherit from:
     13file = /usr/share/trac/conf/trac.ini
     16== Reference ==
     18This is a brief reference of available configuration options.
     22== [components] ==
     23This section is used to enable or disable components provided by plugins, as well as by Trac itself. The component to enable/disable is specified via the name of the option. Whether its enabled is determined by the option value; setting the value to `enabled` or `on` will enable the component, any other value (typically `disabled` or `off`) will disable the component.
     25The option name is either the fully qualified name of the components or the module/package prefix of the component. The former enables/disables a specific component, while the latter enables/disables any component in the specified package/module.
     27Consider the following configuration snippet:
     30trac.ticket.report.ReportModule = disabled
     31webadmin.* = enabled
     34The first option tells Trac to disable the [wiki:TracReports report module]. The second option instructs Trac to enable all components in the `webadmin` package. Note that the trailing wildcard is required for module/package matching.
     36See the ''Plugins'' page on ''About Trac'' to get the list of active components (requires `CONFIG_VIEW` [wiki:TracPermissions permissions].)
     38See also: TracPlugins
     40== [ticket-custom] ==
     42In this section, you can define additional fields for tickets. See TracTicketsCustomFields for more details.
     45See also: TracGuide, TracAdmin, TracEnvironment