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Aug 22, 2006, 9:30:54 PM (15 years ago)
Christian Boos

#3604 was marked as duplicate of this one. Also the description has been rewritten to reflect my current ideas about this feature.


  • Ticket #976

    • Property Severity normalenhancement
    • Property Summary [ER] Textual aliases for Tickets (and for any other Trac object)Wiki Page redirects to other Wiki pages and possibly other Trac resources
    • Property Owner changed from Jonas Borgström to Christian Boos
    • Property Keywords page alias redirect added; aliases removed
  • Ticket #976 – Description

    initial v11  
    1 Tickets are identified by a number. That's fine, except that it sometimes happen that one has to work simultaneously on several dozens of tickets.
    2 In that case, knowing them by heart can become problematic...
     1There should be a way to redirect from a wiki page to another Wiki page. A ![[Redirect(target)]] macro could do that.
     2The `target` could actually be any Trac resource, if specified by a TracLink.
    4 Of course, there's the Report, Query and Search facilities.
    5 One could even use the Wiki to maintain informal groups of tickets.
     4That could be handy in several situations:
     5 - singular/plural form of WikiPageNames: TracLink redirecting to TracLinks
     6 - direct alias to a source file: ChangeLog redirecting to source:/trunk/ChangeLog
     7 - direct alias to a ticket: TooManyDatabaseLocks redirecting to #3446
    7 But it would be nice to have textual aliases for tickets.
    8 The alias would be an alternative identifier for the ticket.
    10 There would be a very simple way to achieve this: simply create a wiki page
    11 having the desired alias name, and put the appropriate ticket TracLinks
    12 as its only content!
    14 Then, before displaying the page, the Wiki module could check
    15 quite simply if the only content of the page is a link,
    16 and if this is the case, simply redirect to the corresponding target.
    18 As one can see, this mechanism would work not only for tickets,
    19 but for any kind of Trac object (aliases to wiki pages, changesets,
    20 file, etc.)
     9It could be useful to implement this in Trac core instead of a plugin so that one provide a generic way to detect that one was redirected, and eventually provide a ''Edit'' button that would
     10trigger the edition of the originally requested page (the one
     11containing the ![[Redirect]] macro or the #redirect directive,
     12or whatever is chosen to implement it...)