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    11Nobody just payed attention in the client side?
    2 Just try to load the page with "nc" (NetCat).
     2Just try to load the page with "nc" (netcat).
    34In my problem (I guess it is not the same as it bug but may be related in the client side) I noticed a very very slow page load in all pages of the trac 0.12b1 with all the rest (Python, SQLite, etc) updated. A very very slow page loading in all sections (no matters where). I just guessed it is a slowdown in trac.
    46I'm using trac.fcg in an apache web server with mod-fastcgi. It was working perfect in my old server (software, the hardware is new 4GB RAM dual channel and so). I just do an software upgrade (Installed Ubuntu 9.10 server) and reconfigured all the system to the new distro (I was using LFS an oldest one 5 years old).
    58I noticed that loading trac.fcg pages was very slow from my own computer!
    610I tried with top, gdb, and a lot of other workarounds to take account in what happening there. top just showed 0% cpu load most of the time. The global system load was near 0. So?? Where is the problem? The system have full power to server the request and? Maybe a network problem... I tested the communication with fastcgi spawned processes and all is ok/faster enought! Too fast for my like!
    7 So I decided to load that page from NetCat:
     12So I decided to load that page from netcat:
    814nc servidor 80
    915GET /page/trac.fcg/proyect
    1117What I get is the page what I was espectind but very fast!
    1218So the problem is my client navigator: Firefox.
    1319I tested with Epiphany and yes, Epiphany loaded it very faster.
    1520Continiung the tests I noticed a firefox halt in:
    1722<script type="text/javascript">/*<![CDATA[*/
    1823      jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    2530      });
    2631    /*]]>*/</script>
     33mmm, that maybe the problem.
    28 mmm, that maybe the problem.
    2935I will try updating jquery so including an updated version in my own Trac system.
    3036Why I'm writting this here? Because you need to pay attention too to the client side. Some slowdowns may be clientside scripts, so you must too correct that scripts for that. And why not rewrite some portions to be more webbrowser friendly.