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Jan 27, 2010, 9:21:47 AM (12 years ago)
Christian Boos


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    1 Being able to link to a specific wiki version
    2 (e.g. `WikiStart@13`) would be a good idea.
     1I'm going to need to implement the WikiStart@13 syntax to support  http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/WikiWorkflowPatch -- any preferences as to whether I include it in that patch, or as a separate standalone plugin?
    4 But actually there would be two possible targets:
    5  * the object as it looked like at a specific version
    6    (e.g. `WikiStart@13`, the wiki page as it was at version 13,
    7    what you can see [/wiki/WikiStart?version=13 here]
    8  * the actual difference from one version to the previous one
    9    (e.g. `WikStart@13:12` from version 13 to version 12,
    10    what you can see
    11    [/wiki/WikiStart?action=diff&version=13&old_version=12 here].
    12    For an alternative visualization proposal, see the
    13    discussion in #2165.
    15 See also #2168 for a proposal for adding more uniform
    16 treatment to TracLinks.
    18 As part of the TracObjectModelProposal, I think that
    19 every Trac Object could be seen as a versioned resource,
    20 and in this case, it should be possible to address that
    21 history in a consistent way (both for the version retrieval
    22 and the view of the change).
     3(Note: restoring original comment content, which was modified by mistake - I edited the comment:4 actually but it was saved as a new version of comment:5 :-/ )