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    • Property Summary Ability to have different ticket fields for different ticket typesOptional fields in tickets
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    initial v10  
     1Not necessarily all possible fields should be presented to the user. There could be preconditions attached to fields, for checking if they're applicable at all and for checking if the current user can actually set/modify them.
     3=== Use cases ===
     4==== Ability to have different ticket fields for different ticket types ====
     5''(original one)''
    16When using quite different types of tickets (bug-report, requirement, etc), there is a need for different fields depending on the ticket type.
    27This might add just the flexibility required for complying with existing development processes.
    38Great feature in particular when support for master and child tickets is planned, trac could be more of a requirements management system beyond the issue database approach.
     10==== Hide the ''Keywords:'' field ====
     11See #3281