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Jun 24, 2009, 12:16:13 PM (15 years ago)
Christian Boos

Instead of showing directly a sub-table, we could show a special marker in the row if a changeset is a merge changeset. We could also have a "(show merged revisions)" link at the bottom of the merge message. That link could either link to another log page, or (with Javascript enabled) fetch that log with an XHR and insert it in place, like above.

Note that for Subversion 1.5+, we could support svn log -g in a similar way. For efficiency, we should probably also record if a given changeset was a merge changeset, in the cache.


  • Ticket #1492

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    • Property Owner changed from Christopher Lenz to Christian Boos
    • Property Severity enhancementmajor
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    • Property Summary monotone supportsupport for non-linear changeset sequences for monotone-like VCS
  • Ticket #1492 – Description

    v12 v23  
     1Implementing support for Monotone-like VCS (like hg, git, bzr) in Trac has to overcome the assumption of a linear succession of changesets, inherited from Subversion.
     3This assumptions shows in a few places:
     5 1. Previous change / Next change links
     6 2. Revision log view
     8(from comment:5)
     10''This ticket was originally a request for Monotone support''
    112Considering 2.0 enhancements it would be great to support monotone [http://venge.net/monotone/] SCM system. It grows very fast and was considered by Linus Torvalds to replace BitKeeper, in fact git (a fast written Linus's tool to manage Linux sources w/o any SCM) was desinged based strictly on ideas behind monotone.
    3 ----
    5 '''Development of a trac plugin for connecting to a monotone repo has been started, see http://www.ipd.uni-karlsruhe.de/~moschny/TracMonotone'''
    7 This ticket can be used to discuss the additional requirements for the ["TracDev/VersionControlApi" version control layer] that would
    8 be needed for improving the support for Monotone.
    10 If I remember correctly, this is mainly:
    11  * support for full, normal and shortened revision numbers
    12  * support for multiple branches/repositories (related to #2086)
     14''Development of a trac plugin for connecting to a monotone repo has been started, see http://www.ipd.uni-karlsruhe.de/~moschny/TracMonotone''