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Apr 6, 2017, 8:07:04 AM (4 years ago)
Ryan J Ollos

The readonly_wiki attribute seems to be compensating for the lack of EvenFinerGrainedPermissions, and doesn't even function as intended since WIKI_ADMIN is required for the checkbox to be displayed. As intended it would allow, for instance, a special permission be defined and used to control whether the checkbox is rendered. What we really want is a check like 'modify_readonly' in perm(resource).

As a workaround I used a permission, WIKI_CHANGE_READONLY, that isn't defined through an IPermissionRequestor and therefore can't be directly granted to a user (in that way, it's like the permissions defined in LegacyAttachmentPolicy). A user can now implement a replacement for DefaultWikiPolicy and control the rendering of the readonly checkbox. I consider this to be non-ideal, but it's just an implementation detail that can go away when we implement the finer grained permission scheme.

Proposed change: [453181d8d/rjollos.git].


  • Ticket #12719

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  • Ticket #12719 – Release Notes

    v2 v20  
     1* Added a new permission policy for the ticket system (`DefaultTicketPolicy`):
     2 * Authenticated user with `TICKET_APPEND` or `TICKET_CHGPROP` can modify description of ticket they reported.
     3* Renamed `ReadonlyWikiPolicy` to `DefaultWikiPolicy`.
     4* Modified `LegacyAttachmentPolicy` to allow authenticated users to delete their own attachments.