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Changes between Initial Version and Version 14 of Ticket #12680

May 22, 2017, 1:09:18 AM (3 years ago)
Ryan J Ollos
  • The warning displayed when an INavigationContributor fails has changed:
    • Before:
      close Warning: Error with navigation contributor "WikiModule"
    • After:
      close Warning: WikiModule failed with TracError: You did wrong!
      • The exception is still logged at warning level for TracError and error level with traceback otherwise. The main change is that we don't specify to the user that the error came from a "navigation contributor", but that doesn't seem important anyway.
  • Similar behavior for timeline event providers, however failing event providers are skipped and add a warning, rather than rendering a TracError in the timeline.
    • Before:
    • After:

Proposed changes in log:rjollos.git:t12680-component_guard.3.


  • Ticket #12680

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  • Ticket #12680 – Release Notes

    initial v14  
     1Improved exception trapping and logging when executing `ExtensionPoint`s: `IEnvironmentSetupParticipant`, `INavigationContributor` and `ITimelineEventProvider`.
  • Ticket #12680 – API Changes

    initial v14  
     1Added context managers for wrapping execution of extension point methods:
     2* `Environment.component_guard` in `trac.env`, which logs a `TracError` at `warning` level, and a `Exception` a `error` level with a traceback.
     3* `component_guard` in `trac.web.chrome`, which executes `Environment.component_guard` and also renders a warning.