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Change labels on Modify Query form — at Version 3

Reported by: Ryan J Ollos Owned by: Ryan J Ollos
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.2
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Severity: normal Keywords: query
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Query is used in place of Report when a query is being created or edited.

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A query can be saved and edited using the Save query and Edit query buttons on the bottom of the query page. However, the form for saving and editing a query has the fieldset title Modify Report and submit button label Save report. We should change the labels to avoid confusion (gmessage:trac-users:czgnJSRqzkw/xcgBBd2yAQAJ).

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comment:1 by Ryan J Ollos, 7 years ago

The following cases exist:

  1. User clicks Save query from a custom query page → use text Create Query
  2. User edits a saved query → Use text Modify Query
  3. User clicks Create report → Use text Create Report
  4. User edits a saved report → Use text Modify Report

However, in any of the cases, the text that is entered in the Query box could be SQL or a Query string. The most ambiguous will be Create report from the /report page. The user could reasonably be intending to create either a Report or Query.

We could avoid some of the ambiguity be using the term Query everywhere in place of Report, but that might also confuse the issue just as much. I'm okay with using the term Report to refer to a saved custom query, but some users seem to be confused by that. Perhaps it's because historically a report has been saved SQL.

I've prepared some changed in log:rjollos.git:t12266_query_labels. I'll give some more thought to the changes and add tests if they are to be committed.

comment:2 by figaro, 7 years ago

Most users are wholly unfamiliar with the term 'query'. If the choice is among the two, then prefer to use 'report'.

comment:3 by Ryan J Ollos, 7 years ago

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