id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,severity,resolution,keywords,cc,branch,changelog,apichanges,internalchanges 11927,Email distributor generates wrong Content-Type header for text/html,Jun Omae,Jun Omae,"I'm trying to add support of new notification system to th:TracHtmlNotificationPlugin (th:#12158). Email distributor says sending event as `text/html`. However, Content-Type header in notification is `text/plain`. {{{ 04:46:34 PM Trac[mail] DEBUG: EmailDistributor is sending event as 'text/html' to: }}} {{{ MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=""utf-8"" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit X-Trac-Realm: ticket From: ""My Project"" X-Trac-Version: 1.1.3 Precedence: bulk Auto-Submitted: auto-generated X-Mailer: Trac 1.1.3, by Edgewall Software To: undisclosed-recipients: ; References: <011.5820a89cc2c970d854f42757ba2afba4@localhost> X-Trac-Project: My Project In-Reply-To: <011.5820a89cc2c970d854f42757ba2afba4@localhost> Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 07:53:18 -0000 Reply-To: trac@localhost Message-ID: <026.b9afbec2d2e7f31d7df1cbbfe0b5fa89@localhost> X-URL: Subject: Re: [My Project] #1: test ... }}}",defect,closed,normal,1.1.4,notification,1.1.3,normal,fixed,,,," - Make `EmailDistributor` allow `text/html` format - Create always `multipart/related` message as root - Create `multipart/alternative` message with `text/plain` and `text/html` if `text/html` is preferred - Fallback to `text/plain` format when text/html formatter fails",,