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Changes between Initial Version and Version 6 of Ticket #11610

May 15, 2014, 3:08:09 AM (10 years ago)
Ryan J Ollos

Those changes look good, thanks. Committed to trunk in [12782:12783].

We'll need to implement get_path_history in the MercurialPlugin's Repository subclass. I don't have the necessary permission to push to the branch.

  • tracext/hg/backend.py

    # HG changeset patch
    # User ryan.j.ollos
    # Date 1400115750 25200
    # Branch 1.0
    # Node ID 251cde2ad7fdddbfbde7542bccd2a2f4a129b9c9
    # Parent  21bb3cc19977ee1f5e546fc21f440ebfd6231404
    Implemented abstract method `get_path_history`, which currently displays just a `TracError`. Refs #11610, #9775.
    diff -r 21bb3cc19977 -r 251cde2ad7fd tracext/hg/backend.py
    a b  
    3333from trac.util import arity
    3434from trac.util.datefmt import FixedOffset, utc
    3535from trac.util.text import exception_to_unicode, shorten_line, to_unicode
    36 from trac.util.translation import domain_functions
     36from trac.util.translation import _, domain_functions
    3737from trac.versioncontrol.api import Changeset, Node, Repository, \
    3838                                    IRepositoryConnector, RepositoryManager, \
    3939                                    NoSuchChangeset, NoSuchNode
    747747    def get_youngest_rev(self):
    748748        return self.changectx().hex()
     750    def get_path_history(self, path, rev=None, limit=None):
     751        raise TracError(_("Unsupported \"Show only adds and deletes\""))
    750753    def previous_rev(self, rev, path=''): # FIXME: path ignored for now
    751754        for p in self.changectx(rev).parents():
    752755            if p:


  • Ticket #11610

    • Property Status newassigned
    • Property Cc Jun Omae added
  • Ticket #11610 – Release Notes

    initial v6  
     1Git and Mercurial raise a `TracError` rather than showing a traceback when attempting to view //added and deleted files// (#9775).
  • Ticket #11610 – API Changes

    initial v6  
     1 * Abstract base classes have `abc.ABCMeta` metaclass and use `abstractmethod` decorator on abstract methods.
     2 * `Mock` has support for abstract base classes defined using `abc.ABCMeta`.
     3 * A `CachedChangeset` instance rather than an instance of the abstract `Changset` class is passed to the repository change listeners.