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Genshi UnicodeEncodeError error while rendering template (unknown template location) — at Initial Version

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Component: report system Version: 1.0.1
Severity: normal Keywords: genshi
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I run a TRAC with many hosted projects at http://svn.netlabs.org

For one particular project (http://svn.netlabs.org/java/ there is a report we cannot execute anymore, I get the Genshi UnicodeEncodeError: http://svn.netlabs.org/java/report/14

There report is "All active tickets with change date" :

SELECT p.value AS __color__,
   id AS ticket, summary, component, version, milestone, t.type AS type, 
   owner, status,
   time AS created,
   changetime AS modified, reporter AS reporter, description AS _description_
  FROM ticket t
  LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority'
  WHERE status <> 'closed' 
  ORDER BY modified desc

The query works fine directly on trac.db (sqlite). It also works on all the other projects we have so it seems not to be a general TRAC problem on our setup. I can reproduce the problem on a newly initialized environment, the report works first, then I replace trac.db with the trac.db of this particular project and from that point I get the error.

I suspect there is something in the SQL query which seems to confuse the rendering part. It's an open source project so I made the trac.db available as attachment (10MB gzipped).

There are no errors logged in the error-log from Apache.

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