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#10994 closed enhancement

Add drag and drop and other dynamic behavior to the admin panels containing enum lists — at Version 4

Reported by: Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…> Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.1.2
Component: admin/web Version:
Severity: normal Keywords:
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Description (last modified by Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…>)

A reworked version of th:AdminEnumListPlugin will be provided as a patch to Trac. The primary behavior will apply to the Priorities, Resolutions, Ticket Types and Severities panels, but behaviors will be implemented for almost every admin panel.

The following behaviors will be provided in the initial version of the patch:

  • The list can be sorted by drag and drop of the items.
  • The column of select elements is hidden.
  • A Revert changes button is added. The button is disabled until a change is made.
  • The Save changes button is disabled until a change is made.
  • The Remove selected items button is disabled until a checkbox is selected.
  • Addition of a Select All checkbox in the table header.

Similar behavior will be applied to other admin pages for consistency, where applicable.

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comment:1 by Remy Blank, 11 years ago

Sounds like a nice idea. Are you going to replace the current implementation completely, or are you going to build on the current (non-dynamic) functionality? That is, will the pages still work with JavaScript disabled?

We have always had a tradition in Trac to have static fallbacks for dynamic behavior. I'm not saying we should continue this forever (actually, I would rather advocate the opposite), just curious about your plan.

comment:2 by Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…>, 11 years ago

I'm not planning to change the templates or Python code at all, so it should work the same when JavaScript is disabled. For example, the select elements are left in place and hidden by the Javascript. I took the same approach in #9609.

The latest version of the th:AdminEnumListPlugin has all the functionality I have in mind. It is basically just a piece of javascript that should be reworked to make use of jQuery UI's Sortable widget, and all of the backward compatibility stuff can be dropped. It currently works in Trac 0.11, which required a significant number of workarounds.

comment:3 by lkraav <leho@…>, 11 years ago

Cc: leho@… added

by Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…>, 11 years ago

Attachment: t10994-r11508-1.patch added

Patch against r11508 of the trunk.

comment:4 by Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…>, 11 years ago

Description: modified (diff)

Updated description with my current thinking on what the final patch will contain.

I've implemented the portion of the patch that enables buttons when checkboxes or a file have been selected. I still have a bit of work to do on the other features, but wanted to post this version of the patch to ask a few questions that will help me complete the implementation. I'll highlight a few parts of the patch that I'm uncertain about and looking for early feedback on:

  1. I've put the disableIfNoneChecked function in trac.js with the idea that it could be useful outside of the administration panels. Specifically, I'm thinking we could use it for the Change tickets button on the batch modify form, and for the Add attachment button on the attachment page.
  2. I'm confused about where I should be placing the CDATA section tags. I don't see any reason to not just place them within every script text=text/javascript element, but I see them very selectively placed in some files.
  3. I've used this pattern change(function() {...}).eq(0).change() (in this case click(function() {...}).eq(0).click() would probably be the same), rather than .click(someFunction); someFunction(); (i.e. passing a function to click and then calling that function directly). Using change seems a bit cleaner and both patterns are present throughout the Trac codebase.
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