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How To Be A Successful Student During A Pandemic


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    3 Most of us have more than enough busy work to do in our daily lives. As we go from one tedious activity to another, we often feel a lack of enthusiasm, purpose, or sense of accomplishment.
     2How To Be A Successful Student During A Pandemic
    5 Is your daily routine filled with meaningless tasks?  Do you generally feel like nothing much matters by the end of the day?  For many of us, this is an all too common occurence. So, take a step back. What can you do to pull yourself out of this trap and make each day count?
     4It’s no secret that our education system has been faced with disruption and unprecedented challenges in providing instruction to students during this global pandemic. Many schools have been forced to temporarily move their instruction online due to social distancing. Still, unlike times of the past, we can continue providing education even when our school buildings close.
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    8 Enhancing Your Day
    9 Instead of dreading the next boring tomorrow, change your mindset. Think of each day as a new beginning, a chance to do something rewarding.
     7Be prepared>>
    11 To gain a greater sense of productivity and purpose, incorporate these three simple tasks into your daily life:
     9Read your assignments before class, complete your homework, and be ready to respond to your instructors. With the limitation of in-person interaction, it’s sometimes easy to disengage during these difficult times. Now, more than ever, students need to stay engaged in their classes. You are responsible for your knowledge.
    13 A Task to Improve:
    14 Make this task something that directly benefits your mind, body, or spirit. It might include such activities as spending time in nature, attending a yoga class, getting more involved in your church, volunteering, or learning a new skill.
    16 A Task to Enjoy:
    17 Focus on a task that brings happiness into your day. Do something fun like going out for breakfast with a good friend, taking a child to the playgrounds, watching a humorous show on television, or playing with your favorite pet.
    19 A Task of Kindness:
    20 Carve out time to do at least ONE kind gesture each day that will positively impact another person’s life. It doesn’t have to be anything more complicated than helping an elderly person across the street, giving flowers to a loved one, or comforting a distraught co-worker.
     12Practice patience
     13Be patient with yourself; be patient with others. While we encourage you to remain positive and hopeful, we acknowledge that this is a significant disruption to many and being able to adapt may be difficult. Be patient and know that what you are experiencing is valid and that others may be experiencing it differently. We are all doing the best we can.
     15Stay connected
     16Social distancing can feel very isolating. It doesn’t mean you are alone. Identifying other means of interpersonal communications and social connections can be a great way to stay connected with friends. Make a conscious effort to talk on the phone, video call, or get creative in how you adapt social activities into a digital form.
     18Don’t be afraid to ask for help
     19It is okay if you find yourself struggling to adjust to our “new norm.” In-person academic and emotional support may not be available, but many schools have set up new pathways and resources for students to get the help they need. Make use of the resources available to you. Your instructors or advisors can help you identify the resources that may be best for you.
     21Be self-disciplined
     22We are finding for many people that the space they learn in is the space they work in and live in. Having a structure and practicing self-discipline can help you set boundaries and begin to maintain a new routine.