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     1Negative Inner Critic
     3If you are thinking "I hate myself," chances are that you have a negative inner critic who constantly puts you down.1
     5 This critical voice might compare you to others or tell you that you are not good enough.
     6You might feel as though you are different from other people and that you don’t measure up. These thoughts may leave you feeling like an outcast or a fraud when you are with other people.
     7The inner critic is like a frenemy who is intent on undermining your success. This voice in your head is filled with self-hate, and can also evolve into paranoia and suspiciousness if you listen long enough. The inner critic doesn’t want you to experience success, so it will even cut you down when you do accomplish something good.
     8The following are some things your inner critic might say:
     10"Who do you think you are to do that?"
     11"You are never going to succeed no matter how hard you try."
     12"You’re going to mess this up just like you mess up everything else."
     13"Why would a person like that like you? There must be an ulterior motive."
     14"You can’t trust anyone. They are just going to let you down."
     15"You might as well eat that dessert. You’re just going to end up eating too much anyway."