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Accessibility Support in Trac

Not every user has a graphic environment with a mouse or other pointing device. Some users rely on a keyboard, alternative keyboard or voice input to navigate links and activate form controls. In a Trac session, users can use a device other than a pointing device by enabling keyboard shortcuts through the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences panel.

Global Access Keys

The global access keys differ by browser and the following work for several browsers:

  • on Linux, press any of the keys listed below in combination with the <Alt> key
  • on a Mac, use <Ctrl> + <Opt> + <Key>
  • on Windows, use <Shift> + <Alt> + <Key>. This works for the most common browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer

See [wikipedia:Access_key#Access_in_different_browsers access in different browsers] for more details.

TracBrowser Navigation

The browser can be navigated using the keys listed below. The key modifiers listed above are not used for navigating the browser.

  • j and k - select the next or previous entry, starting with the first
  • o (open) - toggle between expanded and collapsed state of the selected directory or visit the selected file
  • v (view, visit) and <Enter> - same as above
  • r - reload an already expanded directory
  • a - directly visit a file in annotate (blame) mode
  • L - view the Log for the selected entry

If no row has been selected using j or k, the keys will operate on the entry under the mouse.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.