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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#24 A demo parent ticket somebody defect blocker milestone1 component2
#48 ron's machine slow after office upgrade anonymous defect blocker component2
#88 Summary field is used as a Ticket Title Division C task blocker milestone3 component2
#90 test ticket somebody enhancement blocker milestone1 component1
#35 test ticket by me anonymous defect critical milestone1 component2
#36 BUG in VK System AT defect critical component1
#91 test if better than jira somebody task critical component1
#104 Muster Implementation anonymous enhancement critical milestone1 component1
#1 First Test ralph defect major component1
#6 hjhgjhg somebody defect major component1
#10 Test 1 anonymous defect major component1
#12 Sprint controls somebody task major milestone1 component1
#32 Windows für Rechner in der Küche somebody defect major component1
#47 test ticket somebody defect major component1
#49 Ne radi printer somebody defect major component1
#50 Printer ne radi marin defect major component1
#51 Bugs e mais bugs somebody defect major component1
#54 new_ticket_1_summary somebody task major component1
#57 links to wiki? somebody enhancement major component1
#59 Пользователь вводит текст в текстовое поле somebody defect major milestone2 component1
#62 Homepage : In Footer,get in touch with facebook social icon is not working defect major milestone1 component1
#68 BOH anonymous task major component1
#83 Test 1234 somebody defect major component1
#92 This is a test ticket test developer defect major milestone1 component2
#112 The widget interface crashes intermittently anonymous2 defect major milestone3 component2
#28 Test ticket somebody task minor milestone4 component1
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