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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#77 Test accepted task critical component1
#115 how to contribute reopened task critical milestone1 component2
#140 Проверка кнопок программы. Проверка ввода плавающей запятой accepted defect critical milestone3 component1
#164 Тестирование кнопки «CE» accepted defect critical component1
#350 Testeintrag accepted task critical component1
#9 Fix the qty_required problem assigned task major milestone1 component1
#31 Geeter done accepted task major milestone1 component1
#42 teste assigned defect major component1
#55 тестовое задание assigned task major milestone2 component2
#118 Undo git assigned enhancement major milestone3 component2
#175 Biden promised Covid-19 vaccines for all US accepted defect major component1
#192 Premise Group : Footer > Facebook icon link is not working assigned defect major milestone1 component1
#261 jhljhl accepted task major milestone2 component2
#279 How to reset the Netgear Nighthawk router login? assigned task major component1
#626 create accepted defect major component1
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