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#29 Test 1 accepted anonymous defect major
#31 Describe more accepted anonymous task major milestone1
#37 Pros of Using Free Essay Samples Paperwall101 accepted mani jani defect major milestone4
#80 test bug #1 accepted mrmarksteve48@… defect major milestone1
#140 Проверка кнопок программы. Проверка ввода плавающей запятой accepted anonymous defect critical milestone3
#164 Тестирование кнопки «CE» accepted anonymous defect critical
#175 Biden promised Covid-19 vaccines for all US accepted Mink lashes task critical milestone1
#197 Проверка кнопок программы. Проверка кнопки «Back» accepted nancyclegg619@… defect critical
#236 Best Drywall Contractors in Owensboro accepted anonymous defect major
#261 jhljhl accepted anonymous task major milestone2
#279 How to reset the Netgear Nighthawk router login? accepted Sneha k ruhi task major
#350 Testeintrag accepted anonymous task critical
#422 Testportal per Skript mit aktuellen ET-Daten befüllen accepted anonymous enhancement critical milestone2
#537 HD Streamz sssAPK Mod No ads – Live broadcast TV accepted anonymous defect major
#626 create accepted anonymous defect major
#885 Online Assignment Help: The New Era of Academic Writing accepted lillianethan123 defect major
#1138 How to Update D-Link Extender Firmware accepted anonymous defect major
#1283 Turkish ticket? accepted anonymous defect major
#1384 This is a demo ticket accepted anonymous task minor
#1547 test new task accepted anonymous task major
#3443 Test ticket accepted anonymous defect major
#3775 Clockspring needs Clickspring accepted anonymous task blocker
#3 Task#1 assigned somebody task major milestone2
#4 Bug assigned test enhancement major
#8 qty_required is not showing up assigned anonymous555 enhancement trivial
#9 Fix the qty_required problem assigned anonymous task major milestone1
#19 TestTicket assigned anonymous1 defect major
#34 Trying to find a reliable writing service? assigned testuser defect minor milestone2
#41 special characters not supported assigned Mr X enhancement major milestone1
#42 teste assigned anonymous defect major
#55 тестовое задание assigned me task major milestone2
#56 test1 assigned somebody defect major
#76 Test ticket assigned Trashcan defect trivial
#97 xcvxvx assigned defect major
#98 xcvxvxvvv assigned nisse defect major
#116 не работает браузер assigned решатель1 defect blocker
#118 Undo git assigned anonymous enhancement major milestone3
#120 GSTIN is allowing special characters and length below 15 alphanumeric. assigned somebody defect critical milestone1
#134 Sample Ticket assigned defect major milestone1
#143 cenforce 100 assigned anonymous task critical
#167 https://สล็อตเอ็กซ์โอ.online/ assigned VVIP789(1) enhancement major
#188 выва assigned defect major milestone3
#192 Premise Group : Footer > Facebook icon link is not working assigned anonymous defect major milestone1
#206 This is one of the best chiropractors in Indiana«Paste». assigned anonymous defect critical
#214 Iso9001 konform glump assigned Andreas Kreuz task critical
#215 Cipla 4 indore assigned defect major
#218 fccfgfd assigned somebody defect major milestone1
#221 Teste 3 assigned somebody defect major
#228 Hupe hupe bei Blinker links assigned Lischen Müller defect major
#233 Mywifiext Extender Setup assigned anonymous defect major milestone1
#235 Test problem, 0123456789 01234567890123456789 01234567890123456789012 345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901234 567890123456789012345678901234567890123 456789012345678901234567890123456 7890123456789012345 6789012345678901 23456789012345678901234 5678901234567890123456789012345678901 23456789012345678901234567 8901234567890123456789abrakadabra aaa bbb ccc assigned David defect critical milestone2
#256 Footer => Get in touch with facebook social media icon is not working assigned somebody defect critical milestone1
#257 Footer => Get in touch with facebook social media icon is not working assigned somebody defect critical milestone1
#266 New assigned not me task trivial
#283 test ticket assigned somebody task major
#288 Broken thing assigned bossman defect major milestone1
#291 rewewtwwert assigned somebody task blocker milestone3
#335 Footer => Get in touch with Facebook social icon link is not working assigned somebody defect major
#515 88” Flatness Camera & Stratix 5700 assigned < Cody.Soultz@…> task major
#675 Firewall Rule assigned somebody defect major
#779 test common bug1 assigned yyyy defect major milestone1
#780 test карточки assigned барабан <12@…> defect major milestone2
#894 non-existent users assigned non-existent-user defect major milestone1
#930 test assigned somebody task major
#933 Test-Ticket assigned Depp van Dynst defect critical milestone2
#966 Testing Ticket for GUI Trac 1.4 demo version assigned Iyyappan defect major
#1032 Das ist ein Bumskopf-Test assigned anonymous task trivial milestone4
#1113 Find a ticketing system assigned somebody task minor
#1202 xx assigned ddfdd defect major
#1210 test new ticket pingu assigned marcello enhancement minor
#1228 Why Choose Aws Classes in Pune assigned somebody defect major
#1339 Td Ameritrade Login assigned somebody task major milestone1
#1416 AWS Course and Training with Certification assigned somebody enhancement major
#1551 Make Sure About the Preparation of Workforce Rewards Cloud Exam assigned Helgi325 enhancement major
#1566 Make me a sammy? assigned Joe defect major milestone2
#1686 artrs assigned jo enhancement critical
#1735 call girls in chennai escoer assigned somebody enhancement critical
#1906 Orange Auto is one of the leading car garages in Dubai Our services include, oil change, car window 3m tinting in Dubai, AC repair, ceramic coating, and many more assigned David task major milestone3
#2022 Python Assignment Help assigned somebody defect major
#2035 Safely order Vicodin online without a prescription. Whatsapp: +1 (626) 344-7911 from assigned somebody defect major
#2071 Testing Ticket System assigned bob defect major
#2079 great assigned somebody defect major
#2276 sdaasd assigned somebody defect major
#2357 Collect The Details Of High Refractive Index Optical Adhesive assigned somebody enhancement trivial milestone3
#2389 How Should You Use The Ideal Journal For Your Cosmetic Look assigned somebody defect minor milestone2
#2462 10 Online Gambling Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Game assigned somebody enhancement major milestone4
#2469 Satta Matka assigned somebody defect major
#2477 The Best Game To Play On Online Slot Game right Now assigned somebody task minor milestone2
#2515 Data Truncated assigned somebody,focus defect critical milestone1
#2547 A comprehensive guide to your dashboard warning lights assigned somebody defect major
#2568 assigned somebody defect major
#2667 How To Find The Right Trusted Online Slot Sites assigned somebody enhancement major milestone1
#2668 Gacor Slots: The Best Place To Play Blackjack Online assigned somebody enhancement major milestone1
#2686 Austin Sod Company: Best Sod Installers In Austin assigned somebody enhancement critical milestone2
#2687 What various news events and stories can you find on India Today News assigned somebody enhancement major milestone1
#2689 Su arıtma cihazı assigned Su arıtma cihazı enhancement major milestone1
#2695 What Features Do You Look At, Eat And Run Verifications assigned somebody enhancement major milestone1
#2702 What Is The Best Time Of Year To Book A Face-Lift In San Diego assigned somebody enhancement minor milestone1
#2708 What Should Scientists Know About Research Participants assigned somebody enhancement critical milestone1
#2719 Surveys to Earn Money: How to Start and Grow Your Survey business assigned somebody enhancement critical milestone1
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