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    1414This is a brief reference of available configuration options. 
    16 [[TracIni]] 
     18<div class="tracini"><h2 id="attachment-section">[attachment]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>max_size</tt></td><td>Maximum allowed file size for ticket and wiki attachments.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>render_unsafe_content</tt></td><td>Whether attachments should be rendered in the browser, or 
     19        only made downloadable. 
     21        Pretty much any file may be interpreted as HTML by the browser, 
     22        which allows a malicious user to attach a file containing cross-site 
     23        scripting attacks. 
     25        For public sites where anonymous users can create attachments it is 
     26        recommended to leave this option disabled (which is the default).</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="browser-section">[browser]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>render_unsafe_content</tt></td><td>Whether attachments should be rendered in the browser, or 
     27        only made downloadable. 
     29        Pretty much any file may be interpreted as HTML by the browser, 
     30        which allows a malicious user to attach a file containing cross-site 
     31        scripting attacks. 
     33        For public sites where anonymous users can create attachments it is 
     34        recommended to leave this option disabled (which is the default).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>hide_properties</tt></td><td>List of subversion properties to hide from the repository browser 
     35        (<i>since 0.9</i>)</td></tr><tr><td><tt>downloadable_paths</tt></td><td>List of repository paths that can be downloaded. 
     37        Leave the option empty if you want to disable all downloads, otherwise 
     38        set it to a comma-separated list of authorized paths (those paths are 
     39        glob patterns, i.e. "*" can be used as a wild card) 
     40        (<i>since 0.10</i>)</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="changeset-section">[changeset]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>wiki_format_messages</tt></td><td>Whether wiki formatting should be applied to changeset messages. 
     42        If this option is disabled, changeset messages will be rendered as 
     43        pre-formatted text.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>max_diff_files</tt></td><td>Maximum number of modified files for which the changeset view will 
     44        attempt to show the diffs inlined (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>max_diff_bytes</tt></td><td>Maximum total size in bytes of the modified files (their old size 
     45        plus their new size) for which the changeset view will attempt to show 
     46        the diffs inlined (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="header_logo-section">[header_logo]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>width</tt></td><td>Width of the header logo image in pixels.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>height</tt></td><td>Height of the header logo image in pixels.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>alt</tt></td><td>Alternative text for the header logo.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>src</tt></td><td>URL of the image to use as header logo.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>link</tt></td><td>URL to link to from header logo.</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="logging-section">[logging]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>log_level</tt></td><td>Level of verbosity in log. 
     48        Should be one of (<tt>CRITICAL</tt>, <tt>ERROR</tt>, <tt>WARN</tt>, <tt>INFO</tt>, <tt>DEBUG</tt>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>log_format</tt></td><td>Custom logging format. 
     50        If nothing is set, the following will be used: 
     52        Trac[$(module)s] $(levelname)s: $(message)s 
     54        In addition to regular key names supported by the Python logger library 
     55        library (see <a class="ext-link" href="http://docs.python.org/lib/node422.html"><span class="icon">http://docs.python.org/lib/node422.html</span></a>), one could use: 
     56         - $(path)s     the path for the current environment 
     57         - $(basename)s the last path component of the current environment 
     58         - $(project)s  the project name 
     60         Note the usage of <tt>$(...)s</tt> instead of <tt>%(...)s</tt> as the latter form 
     61         would be interpreted by the <a class="missing wiki" href="/wiki/ConfigParser" rel="nofollow">ConfigParser?</a> itself. 
     63         Example: 
     64         ($(thread)d) Trac[$(basename)s:$(module)s] $(levelname)s: $(message)s 
     66         (since 0.11)</td></tr><tr><td><tt>log_file</tt></td><td>If <tt>log_type</tt> is <tt>file</tt>, this should be a path to the log-file.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>log_type</tt></td><td>Logging facility to use. 
     68        Should be one of (<tt>none</tt>, <tt>file</tt>, <tt>stderr</tt>, <tt>syslog</tt>, <tt>winlog</tt>).</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="mimeviewer-section">[mimeviewer]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>php_path</tt></td><td>Path to the PHP executable (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>silvercity_modes</tt></td><td>List of additional MIME types known by <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/SilverCity">SilverCity</a>. 
     69        For each, a tuple <tt>mimetype:mode:quality</tt> has to be 
     70        specified, where <tt>mimetype</tt> is the MIME type, 
     71        <tt>mode</tt> is the corresponding <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/SilverCity">SilverCity</a> mode to be used 
     72        for the conversion and <tt>quality</tt> is the quality ratio 
     73        associated to this conversion. 
     74        That can also be used to override the default 
     75        quality ratio used by the <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/SilverCity">SilverCity</a> render, which is 3 
     76        (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>tab_width</tt></td><td>Displayed tab width in file preview (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>max_preview_size</tt></td><td>Maximum file size for HTML preview. (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>enscript_modes</tt></td><td>List of additional MIME types known by Enscript. 
     77        For each, a tuple <tt>mimetype:mode:quality</tt> has to be 
     78        specified, where <tt>mimetype</tt> is the MIME type, 
     79        <tt>mode</tt> is the corresponding Enscript mode to be used 
     80        for the conversion and <tt>quality</tt> is the quality ratio 
     81        associated to this conversion. 
     82        That can also be used to override the default 
     83        quality ratio used by the Enscript render, which is 2 
     84        (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>mime_map</tt></td><td>List of additional MIME types and keyword mappings. 
     85        Mappings are comma-separated, and for each MIME type, 
     86        there's a colon (":") separated list of associated keywords 
     87        or file extensions. (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>pygments_modes</tt></td><td>List of additional MIME types known by Pygments. 
     89        For each, a tuple <tt>mimetype:mode:quality</tt> has to be 
     90        specified, where <tt>mimetype</tt> is the MIME type, 
     91        <tt>mode</tt> is the corresponding Pygments mode to be used 
     92        for the conversion and <tt>quality</tt> is the quality ratio 
     93        associated to this conversion. That can also be used 
     94        to override the default quality ratio used by the 
     95        Pygments render.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>enscript_path</tt></td><td>Path to the Enscript executable.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>pygments_default_style</tt></td><td>The default style to use for Pygments syntax highlighting.</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="notification-section">[notification]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>smtp_always_bcc</tt></td><td>Email address(es) to always send notifications to, 
     96           addresses do not appear publicly (Bcc:). (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>always_notify_updater</tt></td><td>Always send notifications to the person who causes the ticket  
     97        property change.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_user</tt></td><td>Username for SMTP server. (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>always_notify_owner</tt></td><td>Always send notifications to the ticket owner (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_subject_prefix</tt></td><td>Text to prepend to subject line of notification emails.  
     99        If the setting is not defined, then the [$project_name] prefix. 
     100        If no prefix is desired, then specifying an empty option  
     101        will disable it.(<i>since 0.10.1</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_replyto</tt></td><td>Reply-To address to use in notification emails.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_port</tt></td><td>SMTP server port to use for email notification.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_from</tt></td><td>Sender address to use in notification emails.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_default_domain</tt></td><td>Default host/domain to append to address that do not specify one</td></tr><tr><td><tt>use_tls</tt></td><td>Use SSL/TLS to send notifications (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>always_notify_reporter</tt></td><td>Always send notifications to any address in the <i>reporter</i> 
     103        field.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_enabled</tt></td><td>Enable SMTP (email) notification.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>mime_encoding</tt></td><td>Specifies the MIME encoding scheme for emails. 
     105        Valid options are 'base64' for Base64 encoding, 'qp' for 
     106        Quoted-Printable, and 'none' for no encoding. Note that the no encoding 
     107        means that non-ASCII characters in text are going to cause problems 
     108        with notifications (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_always_cc</tt></td><td>Email address(es) to always send notifications to, 
     109           addresses can be see by all recipients (Cc:).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_password</tt></td><td>Password for SMTP server. (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>smtp_server</tt></td><td>SMTP server hostname to use for email notifications.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>use_public_cc</tt></td><td>Recipients can see email addresses of other CC'ed recipients. 
     111        If this option is disabled (the default), recipients are put on BCC 
     112        (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>use_short_addr</tt></td><td>Permit email address without a host/domain (i.e. username only) 
     114        The SMTP server should accept those addresses, and either append 
     115        a FQDN or use local delivery (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="project-section">[project]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>url</tt></td><td>URL of the main project web site.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>name</tt></td><td>Name of the project.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>icon</tt></td><td>URL of the icon of the project.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>footer</tt></td><td>Page footer text (right-aligned).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>descr</tt></td><td>Short description of the project.</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="search-section">[search]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>min_query_length</tt></td><td>Minimum length of query string allowed when performing a search.</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="ticket-section">[ticket]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>default_version</tt></td><td>Default version for newly created tickets.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>default_type</tt></td><td>Default type for newly created tickets (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>restrict_owner</tt></td><td>Make the owner field of tickets use a drop-down menu. See 
     116        <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/TracTickets#Assign-toasDrop-DownList">Assign-to as Drop-Down List</a> 
     118        (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>default_priority</tt></td><td>Default priority for newly created tickets.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>default_milestone</tt></td><td>Default milestone for newly created tickets.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>default_component</tt></td><td>Default component for newly created tickets</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="timeline-section">[timeline]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>changeset_long_messages</tt></td><td>Whether wiki-formatted changeset messages should be multiline or not. 
     120        If this option is not specified or is false and <tt>wiki_format_messages</tt> 
     121        is set to true, changeset messages will be single line only, losing 
     122        some formatting (bullet points, etc).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>changeset_show_files</tt></td><td>Number of files to show (<tt>-1</tt> for unlimited, <tt>0</tt> to disable).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>default_daysback</tt></td><td>Default number of days displayed in the Timeline, in days. 
     123        (<i>since 0.9.</i>)</td></tr><tr><td><tt>ticket_show_details</tt></td><td>Enable the display of all ticket changes in the timeline 
     124        (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="trac-section">[trac]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>authz_file</tt></td><td>Path to Subversion 
     125        <a class="ext-link" href="http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.1/ch06s04.html#svn-ch-6-sect-4.4.2"><span class="icon">authorization (authz) file</span></a></td></tr><tr><td><tt>check_auth_ip</tt></td><td>Whether the IP address of the user should be checked for 
     126         authentication (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>database</tt></td><td>Database connection 
     127        <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/TracEnvironment#DatabaseConnectionStrings">string</a> for this 
     128        project</td></tr><tr><td><tt>ignore_auth_case</tt></td><td>Whether case should be ignored for login names (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>metanav</tt></td><td>List of items IDs to display in the navigation bar <tt>metanav</tt>.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>base_url</tt></td><td>Base URL of the Trac deployment. 
     130        In most configurations, Trac will automatically reconstruct the URL 
     131        that is used to access it automatically. However, in more complex 
     132        setups, usually involving running Trac behind a HTTP proxy, you may 
     133        need to use this option to force Trac to use the correct URL.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>default_charset</tt></td><td>Charset to be used when in doubt.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>default_handler</tt></td><td>Name of the component that handles requests to the base URL. 
     135        Options include <tt>TimelineModule</tt>, <tt>RoadmapModule</tt>, <tt>BrowserModule</tt>, 
     136        <tt>QueryModule</tt>, <tt>ReportModule</tt> and <tt>NewticketModule</tt> (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>htdocs_location</tt></td><td>Base URL of the core static resources.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>permission_store</tt></td><td>Name of the component implementing <tt>IPermissionStore</tt>, which is used 
     137        for managing user and group permissions.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>templates_dir</tt></td><td>Path to the ClearSilver templates.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>repository_dir</tt></td><td>Path to local repository</td></tr><tr><td><tt>repository_type</tt></td><td>Repository connector type. (<i>since 0.10</i>)</td></tr><tr><td><tt>request_filters</tt></td><td>Ordered list of filters to apply to all requests 
     138            (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>timeout</tt></td><td>Timeout value for database connection, in seconds. 
     139        Use '0' to specify <i>no timeout</i>. <i>(Since 0.11)</i></td></tr><tr><td><tt>mainnav</tt></td><td>List of item IDs to display in the navigation bar <tt>mainnav</tt>.</td></tr><tr><td><tt>authz_module_name</tt></td><td>The module prefix used in the authz_file.</td></tr></tbody></table><h2 id="wiki-section">[wiki]</h2><table class="wiki"><tbody><tr><td><tt>ignore_missing_pages</tt></td><td>Enable/disable highlighting <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/CamelCase">CamelCase</a> links to missing pages 
     140        (<i>since 0.9</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>split_page_names</tt></td><td>Enable/disable splitting the <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/WikiPageNames">WikiPageNames</a> with space characters 
     141        (<i>since 0.10</i>).</td></tr><tr><td><tt>render_unsafe_content</tt></td><td>Enable/disable the use of unsafe HTML tags such as <tt>&lt;script&gt;</tt> or 
     142        <tt>&lt;embed&gt;</tt> with the HTML <a class="wiki" href="/wiki/WikiProcessors">WikiProcessor</a> 
     144        (<i>since 0.10.4</i>). 
     146        For public sites where anonymous users can edit the wiki it is 
     147        recommended to leave this option disabled (which is the default).</td></tr></tbody></table></div> 
    18150== [components] ==